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June 5, 2012
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Eden OCT: Chuckie Reference Sheet by Magistelle Eden OCT: Chuckie Reference Sheet by Magistelle

Audition can be found here: [link]
Name: Chuckie (actual name is Atlas, though he never refers to himself as such)

Age: 5

Height: 6"9

Weight: 210 lbs

History: Chuckie is a subject alongside many others of one of the projects of a large race of advanced aliens named the Azronites. This race has long mastered the art of creating life from scratch, but such a mastery was not enough. They had to test it, stretch out its concept, see the limits of what they were capable of. The project Chuckie is a part of is only one such example of how they have pursued this endeavor. Chuckie's project set out to test the possibility of creating life-forms from the amalgamation of several other, pre-existing lifeforms from two different species. As of yet, Chuckie is one of the most successful subjects, mostly due to the fact that he is mostly able-bodied and capable of independent thought to a degree. As of when Eden starts, Chuckie has been subjected to a battery of tests throughout his short life, mostly to check his progress and health as life progresses.

Personality: Chuckie does not have much flare when it comes to being expressive; he acts more like a hollow shell than he does as an actual person at times, mostly due to his physical limitations and mentality. He is physically incapable of outwardly displaying genuine emotion unless experienced to a very intense degree (though this does not hold true for gestures of such feelings, such as hugs or blows). It is very possible for him to suddenly burst out into giggling and clapping much like a small child would if interacting with something or someone who brings him much joy. However, the opposite is true; in a battle, where he is usually stone-faced and collected, he will likely explode into a writhing, biting, clawing heap of anger and fear randomly if such emotions are felt strongly enough. His emotions toward other people largely depend on what their treatment of him consists of: people who are friendly, respectful, and loving of him will receive treatment not unlike what they display, while he will take hostility shown towards him and spew it right back.
Due to the treatment he received from the Azronite scientists (combined with how he witnessed them treating the other experiments), Chuckie has very little, if not nonexistent, self-esteem in the sense that he does not consider himself, nor any other sentient being (sans the scientists) as individuals; everyone is a replaceable piece to a larger scheme. As a result, he will put himself into very dangerous situations without a second thought, such as traversing through fire to get to an objective if the route is shorter or approaching opponents armed with guns. However, he will not enter situations that will result in total death (if only for the sole reason that he was explicitly told and taught not to). If he finds that there is a good chance of him surviving the consequences of his decisions, however, he will do them. As a direct result, however, he has no qualms with viciously attacking those who he finds deserving to be on the receiving end of his anger, which can end in severe injury or even death. However, he at times desires to imitate the scientists, though only through the one way he knows how; "examination" of organisms he considers lower than himself, which consist of taking them apart and trying to put them back together (as he has seen the scientists do many times before). If he does not find anything inherently equal to him terms of humanoid appearance or intelligence, he will be very compelled to do this. However, since Chuckie is ignorant in the ways of medical science or how anatomy functions, it will always end up with deadly results.

Physiology: Chuckie's body is unique from the obvious fact of being fashioned from the body parts of different people. Despite his human body parts being treated to withstand damage on a higher average than normal human tissue (which has altered the texture of the skin to be tougher and somewhat bleached in appearance due to the chemicals altering the melanin), his Azronite body parts are far more tougher, and a majority of his internal organs are Azronic in origin. Chuckie was given a mostly inorganic nervous system (the most prominent being a spinal column fashioned from metal). It has its benefits, such as being very bendy and hard to break (the connections between the spinal column and other parts of the body are very rigid as well; if Chuckie were to have his neck snapped, he could twist it right back to where it is supposed to be). On the other hand, though, his nervous system is not without flaws; Chuckie is prone to random tensing and relaxing of parts of his body, which can range from a subtle twitch of the eye or clenching of the fists to just collapsing on the floor from a majority of his muscles suddenly relaxing. Although extreme cases such as the latter are not common, they do have a chance to occur at random. One very distinct, and potentially lethal, feature of Chuckie's nervous system is that, if electrocuted, it will do all it can to rid itself of the excess energy; it overloads the body and forces it to go into overdrive to burn it off. The intensity and longevity of such episodes depends on the severity of the shock; brief contact with an exposed circuit would only elicit a shriek and subtle tremor with no arcing of electricity, while being tangled in electrical cords and shocked for an extended period of time will induce a state of hysteria and extreme hyperactivity, with Chuckie's entire body arcing electricity to discharge the energy that cannot be burned through physical movement alone. It is in this stage that Chuckie becomes narrow-minded and totally impossible to reason with, only focused on the task he was occupied with before being electrocuted (which can range from just flailing around and seizing if he was doing nothing, or trying to massacre an opponent he is locked in combat with).

A major part of Chuckie's movement is that he does not move any body part which does not need to be moved at the moment, which can result in very unsettling results (such as only moving his eyes to look at someone while the rest of him stays still as stone, or parts of his body remaining limp as he dodges).

Chuckie is very physically capable strength and speed-wise.

He is almost totally relentless, especially in hostile situations. He will not give up unless the opponent concedes defeat or is dead.

He is relatively good at solving puzzles.

When in overdrive, Chuckie is almost unstoppable in terms of physical ability and determination.

His random seizing and relaxing can put him into perilous scenarios when it is least expected.

His odd mentality, behavior, and general character can put off most people, 'causing him to be immediately distrusted.

His willingness to enter dangerous situations can come back to bite him.

Speech Pattern: Due to his mentality, Chuckie will never use pronouns such as he, she, it, we, they, etc. Instead of saying something along the lines of, "She did not tell me that we had to do this to him," he will say, "Did not tell that had to do this to," completely omitting the words from sentences, which can cause his speech to be hard to decipher. However, he will refer to others by names if he has to ("She was nice" turns into "Sally was nice"), though he will never speak of himself, third person or otherwise, unless asked about his name. He speaks very precisely and to the point, and does not contract words (didn't=did not, wouldn't=would not, etc)
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